And the Winner Is...

The winner of my favorite baby things giveaway is Cara H - Entry #1905! Congratulations Cara and thanks to everyone who entered! xo, Lauren

Family Photos Part 2

Here are a few other favorite photos that weren't posted on 100 Layer Cakelet yesterday:

All taken by my lovely and talented sister. Happy Friday! xo, Lauren

Lucy's Newborn Photos


Lucy's newborn/Violet's three-year photos (taken by my super-talented sister!) are over on 100 Layer Cakelet today. Head on over to check them outxo, Lauren

Favorite {Baby} Things Giveaway - Last Day!

It's giveaway time! To thank you all for visiting A Lovely Lark and helping me to stay home with my girls a little bit longer, I've put away a giveaway of some of my favorite baby products. One lucky reader will win 1. $100 credit toward Birth Announcements or Nursery Art from Minted, 2. $35 store credit to Little Hip Squeaks, 3. Four-Pack of Classic Aden + Anais swaddles in one of their newest prints, 4. Virginia Johnson Crib Bedding Set, 5. Baby Moccasins from Freshly Picked, 6. A sweet little Crocheted Cloud Cushion, 7. Sleep Gown from Tadpoles, 8. Set of Glass Bottles (two 8-ounce and two 4-ounce) and Bottle Sleeves, Gia Nursing Pillow and Cover from Dr. Brown's, and 9. Organic Ergobaby Carrier in Lattice Print. That's a total retail value of over $600!

Here's how you can enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A big thank you to our giveaway sponsors! Show them some love:

Minted: Website . Facebook . Twitter . Pinterest
Little Hip Squeaks: Website . Facebook . Twitter . Instagram
Aden + Anais: Website . Facebook . Twitter
Freshly Picked: Website . Facebook . Twitter . Instagram . Pinterest
Tadpoles Bedding: Website . Facebook . Twitter
Dr. Brown's Baby: Website . Facebook . Pinterest

This one's open to U.S. residents only, and it will run through Friday 6/28/13. Good luck and thanks for reading A Lovely Lark! xo, Lauren

Pin Party with Project Nursery & Carousel Designs

I'm participating in a pin party with Project Nursery and Carousel Designs tonight at 6PM PDT/9PM EDT. I'll be pinning products for a summery citrus nursery inspired by the custom bedding I created on Carousel Designs:

I'll be pinning these items along with a ton of other great things - hope to see you there! xo, Lauren

Del Mar

I've been dreaming about the sea. I'd love to take a trip this summer, but I'm not sure that it's practical with our small budget and new babe. So for now I'll settle for a pretty ocean-inspired collection...

platter, wave image, botanica, pink salts, vintage tote, linen blankets, bistro table, wire baskets, ocean image, salt water taffy, belly baskets

Joy & Revelry White Box Challenge

My friend, Reichel, from Copy Cat Chic (a super amazing blog that I use ALL of the time to find less expensive versions of my fav things - seriously - if you want pretty things but are on a budget it's a gem), asked me if I wanted to participate in Joy & Revelry's White Box Challenge. It was probably the closest I would ever get to being on Design HGTV Star or something (I thought maybe David Bromstead would show up, and I could totally deal with that, but no - wrong White Box Challenge. Oh well.) Plus I got to keep the gorgeous lamp I was styling too, so I was like, sign me up!

Joy & Revelry is a really awesome new-to-me home decor site where they team up with some really talented designers and bloggers (one of which is Reichel) who basically find gorgeous things for your home. So smart. This Westwood Lamp is one of the (many) pretty things in Reichel's shop. Here's how I styled it:

You can see what the other ladies participating did here. If you come across something you love on the site, Joy & Revelry created this 10% off code for you guys: CCC_WHITEBOX_10

Thanks so much Reichel for inviting me to participate! xo, Lauren

Lamp: c/o Joy & Revelry
Laura Print: Michelle Armas
Pink Ombre Painting: DIY
Oh Happy Day Gold Foil Print: Lara Casey Shop
Geometric Terrarium: Urban Outfitters
Brass Urchin: Furbish

Violet Says Vol. 7


1. We were walking to the park and came across two pinecones. "Luht - a mommy pinecone and a daddy pinecone!" Violet said. "But where are the Wylet and Baby Lucy?" "Well, maybe they didn't have them yet." I answered. "Yeah," she said, "The baby is probly still in the Mommy's belly and the Wylet is still in the Daddy's belly!"

2. We were cleaning up the toys in the yard as the sun went down. As we put the balls away, Violet said, "Mommy, luht it's a ball family! (Are you getting the idea that everything these days is a family?) Here's the Mommy (points to big red ball), the Daddy (another big red ball), the Wylet (medium blue ball) and the baby (little blue ball). 

Me: "You're right! Night, night ball family - sweet dreams!"

Violet: "No, Mommy, they not have eyes!" (with a look like I have absolutely lost my mind). 

Yeah, what was I thinking???

3. We've been trying to teach Violet her full name lately. Kev asked her, "What's your last name sweetie?" Her answer: "Kevin!"

4. Kevin's dad always called peas "soccer balls" so that he would eat them, so Kev does the same with Violet. One evening he call her his "Sweet Pea" and Violet said, "No Daddy - I not a pea! I not a sotta ball! I not a bean!"

5. My mom picked Violet up the other day to babysit her. Kev was buckling Violet into the car and went to say goodbye to her. Violet said (as she held her play phone up to her ear), "Daddy - Shhhh! Shhhhh! I talkin to Poppy on the phone!"

6. I was using the little girls' room (accompanied by my little girl) and Violet warned me, "Now don't use too much toilet paper Mommy - that costs money. But Daddy tan just get more at the bant!"

And oh I want to remember her sweet little toddler speak forever and ever. xo, Lauren

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow - I have a BIG giveaway for you all!

Golden Girl


I've been a bit obsessed with gold these days, and have been adding oodles of it to Lucy's nursery. Then I came across the new limited edition (pink!) Caravan Crib from Kalon Studios and was completely smitten. Of course, We're not buying any new furniture for the nursery (budget budget budget), but a girl can dream, right? xo, Lauren

Hanging Rattan Chair: Serena & Lily
KO Sticks Stars: General Store
Gold Scallop Pillow: Caitlin Wilson Textiles
Gold Linen Pillow Cover: Sukan
Faux Sheepskin: IKEA
Gold Foil Print: Lara Casey Shop
Gilt Minimalist Mirror: Wisteria
Key Wool Dhurrie: West Elm
Tassel Garland: EverlyLane
Pink Elephants: WFT
Geometric Vases: Snug Studio
Caravan Crib: Kalon Studio

Get On My Walls...

Pretty please...

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
1. Forest Park Poster - Quill and Fox
2. City Park Poster - Quill and Fox
3. Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle - black & type
4. #27 - Elijah Andrus
5. January Flowers - Maureen Gallace
6. Oh Happy Day! - Lara Casey

Twins! (But Not Really)

I've had a lot of people ask if Lucy looks like Violet did as a baby. Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words right? I present to you exhibit A:

Do you know which one is which? If you follow me on Instagram and have a good memory, you may know, but otherwise I'd say it's a pretty tough call. But as much as they may look alike (and have the exact same facial expressions), they've had very different beginnings. I don't want to say personalities, because I think Violet's behavior as a baby had a lot less to do with personality or temperament and a lot more to do with her health issues. I often actually wonder what her babyhood may have been like if she had been healthy.

Here's a little bit (okay maybe more than a little bit) about Violet's start in life...

Lucy Vivian: Two Months Old


Two months old! Our little Lucy is healthy and happy. She gives us the biggest grins, coos, and is just a pleasant litlte girl. She still wakes up one or two times a night, but goes right back to sleep which her mama really appreciates. We've been having some tummy issues this month because of a bit of oversupply, but she deals with it like a champ. She still loves being swaddled and is starting to love her swing, which is wonderful. She also enjoys being popped into the Moby Wrap or Ergo Carrier and going on an evening stroll to fall asleep. Her big sister is still loving her to pieces, and of course so are her mama and papa. Can't wait for her two month appointment to find out how much she's grown! xo, Lauren

Cross-stitch quilt c/o Little Auggie, top from Carter's.

P.S. Lucy at one month + Lucy's birth story.

Gone Glamping...

Kevin is the outdoorsy type - me, not so much. He'd love to go camping, but my idea of camping is slightly different from his. As a kid my family would go in a camper to a campground complete with running water, a shower, toilet, and television. We only used the television in the event of rain, but still, it was there. So the idea of going camping in a tent is pretty foreign and horrific sounding to say the least. That is, until I came across the most beautiful tent I had ever laid eyes on. Check out my latest ideabook over on to see some pretty products that might even convince me to go

P.S. A Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen + Candy Coated Summer

Friday Favorites


We've had a fussy evening, so not much time to write - hope you enjoy the pictures! If you'd like to see more you can follow along on Instagram @alovelylark. Happy Friday! xo, Lauren

Pretty Party Supplies

There are a ton of fun places that I like to look for pretty party supplies. Here are three lovely Etsy shops:

I thought maybe I'd share a few of my faves each week? Happy party planning! xo, Lauren

Lucy's Birth Announcements

A couple of things I wish we had done with Violet was to have newborn photos taken and send out birth announcements, but after being in the NICU and getting the hang of being a new mama of a very needy baby with health issues, it just never happened. (Not to mention the fact that the budget was tight with me being off work for eight months). So when Minted contacted me about trying out their announcements, I was so excited! My sister had taken newborn and family photos while she was here (more on those to come soon!) and they turned out so beautifully, so I jumped at the chance to use them with one of Minted's many designs. It took me FOREVER to choose a design from their site - there were seriously so, so many lovely ones. After we finally chose one and ordered them, I was thrilled with how they turned out:

And if you have a little one on the way, stay tuned because I'm working on a big giveaway for all of you lovelies, and custom birth announcements from Minted will be part of the deal! xo, Lauren

Lovely Little Craft: Beaded Necklace


I've been trying to find fun ways to keep Violet occupied and challenged while I'm busy with Lucy. Especially because she's used to having a couple of other kids her age to run around with at the babysitter, and now it's just her, Lucy, and me. She's really into crafts so I made a trip to Michael's one day and picked up a bunch of things. When I came across these painted wooden beads I thought they would be perfect.  They were bright and colorful, on the larger side so they'd be easy for her to pick up, and she loves jewelry. I thought we could create a necklace with some yarn or a shoelace. Threading the string through the holes was definitely a fun challenge for her and kept her occupied for quite a bit of time. We used a large, blunt needle, but I'd probably use a shoestring if we did it again, as the string kept slipping off of the needle which would frustrate her.

She's thrilled with her necklace and loves to sort the beads into various containers as well, so that's an added bonus!  Check out this sweet face:

Success! Happy crafting! xo, Lauren

Handmade Love

Totally loving on these floral doodles by Jo Chambers. Come home to mama...

A Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

With the kitchen being the last main room in the house that needs major updating, I've been gathering ideas. Here's a pretty, rustic farmhouse kitchen that I came up with over on

For more products and sources you can check it out here. xo, Lauren

So Many Things


SO many good things in this Etsy shop. I want one of everything! xo, Lauren

Favorite Parenting Links Lately

1. The important thing about yelling - this was a good read for me. Since I've had the baby the lack of sleep has taken a toll on my patience for sure.

2. There is only now. Sometimes we forget to be in the moment with all of our responsibilities hanging over our heads, but kids never forget. (P.S. A funny read about responsibilities)

3. Laugh out loud funny.

4. I knew I became a mom when...

5. This one hits close to home for me - On being a parent with pets.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! xo, Lauren

And the Winner Is...

And the winner of the P&G/Home Depot giveaway is...


Congrats! Thanks to everyone for playing, and check back for a really big giveaway coming soon!

xo, Lauren

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