Violet Says Vol. 7


1. We were walking to the park and came across two pinecones. "Luht - a mommy pinecone and a daddy pinecone!" Violet said. "But where are the Wylet and Baby Lucy?" "Well, maybe they didn't have them yet." I answered. "Yeah," she said, "The baby is probly still in the Mommy's belly and the Wylet is still in the Daddy's belly!"

2. We were cleaning up the toys in the yard as the sun went down. As we put the balls away, Violet said, "Mommy, luht it's a ball family! (Are you getting the idea that everything these days is a family?) Here's the Mommy (points to big red ball), the Daddy (another big red ball), the Wylet (medium blue ball) and the baby (little blue ball). 

Me: "You're right! Night, night ball family - sweet dreams!"

Violet: "No, Mommy, they not have eyes!" (with a look like I have absolutely lost my mind). 

Yeah, what was I thinking???

3. We've been trying to teach Violet her full name lately. Kev asked her, "What's your last name sweetie?" Her answer: "Kevin!"

4. Kevin's dad always called peas "soccer balls" so that he would eat them, so Kev does the same with Violet. One evening he call her his "Sweet Pea" and Violet said, "No Daddy - I not a pea! I not a sotta ball! I not a bean!"

5. My mom picked Violet up the other day to babysit her. Kev was buckling Violet into the car and went to say goodbye to her. Violet said (as she held her play phone up to her ear), "Daddy - Shhhh! Shhhhh! I talkin to Poppy on the phone!"

6. I was using the little girls' room (accompanied by my little girl) and Violet warned me, "Now don't use too much toilet paper Mommy - that costs money. But Daddy tan just get more at the bant!"

And oh I want to remember her sweet little toddler speak forever and ever. xo, Lauren

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow - I have a BIG giveaway for you all!



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