Kitchen Update

We waited until last to update one of the most important rooms in the house - the kitchen. Probably because it's going to be such a big undertaking. (That we're kind of dreading, especially with kids) We're currently working on painting the cabinets white, and eventually we're going to replace the tired laminate with hardwood. Not sure what we're going to replace the countertops with. Right now they're a beige laminate - so far I'm liking Formica's Soapstone Sequoia, actual soapstone, or butcher block. While I really love the warmth of butcher block, I'm not sure how it would go over with buyers if we were to sell the house in the future.

I also would like to repaint the walls a light gray, like our back room, and add some pretty things into the space. Right now it's just bare basics. Here's what I'm thinking:

Clockwise from top left: cutting board, egg tray, wooden spoon, winter squash poster, landscape painting, market bag, ceramic utensil jar, measuring cups, ceramic owl, pitcher, scrub brush, recipe box, orchard basket, wire baskets, honeycomb planter, salt and pepper shakers

So I'm thinking the flooring and counters may take some serious time, (hello, three year old and three month old) but here's hoping we can at least get the cabinets painting and spruce things up a bit for now! Wish me luck :) xo, Lauren


  1. we recently renovated our kitchen (on a major budget) and decided to go with butcher block because we love the way it looks...don’t do it. it is super annoying. i know granite and other stones are pricey, but i believe it is totally worth it and you are right, the return later on will definitely pay for it. good luck! all of the ideas above are gorgeous!

  2. Love this selection and I want the recipe box!

  3. I really liked the look of soapstone but my mom (who is a contractor) said that it was pretty prone to damage because it is soft. I found a granite (I believe its called Virginia Mist) that has a look of soapstone and got it in a honed finish. I love it and several people have asked if our counters are soapstone!



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