Violet Says Vol. 8


1. Violet isn't much of a lunchmeat sandwich eater - she's a pb&j girl all the way. Lately she's been asking for bites of my sandwiches, so I tried to be encouraging and told her, "Wow - you're getting to be a really good sandwich eater!" To which she replied, "I have a weally big mouth!"

2. She likes to randomly walk around the house singing, "Doon kost, doon keest" ??? And when asked what she's doing, she'll often reply, "Anysing" (meaning nothing, or not anything I suppose?)

3. Kevin was watching soccer on TV and Violet sat down and started watching with him. He asked her, "Do you know what sport this is?" She studied the television intently and answered, "Ball racin'!"

4. I had the baby bathtub in the bathroom drying out after giving Lucy her bath. Violet went in with Kev to go potty, and she randomly said, "I won't pee in Lucy's bathtub Daddy, because she wouldn't like that. It would be all dirty and stinky!"

5. The other day Violet was talking about how she's getting bigger and bigger, and someday she'll be a mommy like me! I said,"That's right! And when you're a mommy I'll be a grandmother" She replied, "Then I'll be a gwandmuzza like you!" And I said, "And when you're a grandmother I'll be a great-grandmother." And she burst into tears, wailing, "But I want to be just like yooooouuuuu!!!!"

Violet's dress: American Apparel, beads c/o Chewbeads


  1. So sweet. She just wants to be like you. Precious.

  2. Is it possible to love her more and more every day? xoxo



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