Lucy Vivian: Four Months Old

 A bit late, but better late than never! My sweet baby girl, you are four months old. It's amazing all of the new things you are doing. The bubbles and coos have subsided and now you cough or make little screams to get our attention. It's so fun watching you try to communicate with us. Mommy, I'm hungry *cough cough cough!*  Mommy, I'm getting tired *cough, squeal, cough!* It's only when you become overly tired or are extremely hungry after waking up from a long sleep that you cry these days. Overall you're a very happy, smiley, bouncy baby girl. In fact, I had trouble getting a good clear photo of you this month because all you want to do is wiggle and ROLL.

Actually, you are now a champion roller - it's difficult to keep you on your back - and you can roll from belly to back as well, although not as easily or gracefully. You love being on your tummy and are so strong. You even try to roll when I put you in your car seat, so we've been using the pack and play more often lately.

 The other amazing thing is that you are already somewhat mobile! You can do a full push up and sometimes even get up onto your knees for a couple of seconds in crawling position. The result is pushing yourself backwards, so when I put you at one end of the crib or pack and play, you quickly end up stuck at the other end! I think you'll probably crawl earlier than your sister did - we'll see!

 Speaking of your sister, she still is loving you to pieces. She's started singing to you and reading you books. Her favorite song to sing to you at the moment is Thumbkin, which is your favorite as well. Thumbkin, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake, and the ABC's almost never fail to get your attention and a great big smile. You also love your toys - especially the ones with faces, like your chatter monkey, pink elephant, and red bird. The ones that are easy to chew on are big hits as well. Everything goes into your mouth these days, including your hands and feet! You just found your feet the other day and it's so funny to watch you happily munch on your wiggly little toes.

Although you're still fairly gassy, it doesn't seem to wake you or bother you as much, so mama just started adding dairy back into her diet. We'll see how it goes! You have been having more trouble staying asleep for naps and at bedtime - we think it's the dreaded four month sleep regression. Often you'll suddenly roll onto your belly, and automatically do a push up with your arms, which wakes you right up. We've been getting a lot less done around the house since your naps have gone from a solid 1-2 hours to 20-30 minutes in length. You often want to go back to sleep shortly after waking, so I know that you want to sleep for longer stretches, but all of these crazy developmental changes are just messing with your naps. Your sister is a great comforter, and often the sound of her Shh-shhh-shh's will quiet you right down when you're fussy. She loves to bring you toys, give you your paci, give hugs and kisses, and generally smother you.

We all love you to pieces baby girl, and your mama is equally thrilled and saddened by all of your growing and changing! It's a joy to be your mama, and I can't imagine life without you. Can't wait to see what this month brings. xo, Mommy, Daddy, and Violet


  1. I love seeing them together - sisterly love <3

  2. Sweet Baby Lucy......growing so fast. Love you so much!

  3. Love the photo of the girls together in the crib! So adorable



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