Violet Says Vol. 9


1. We were eating pancakes one morning, and Violet stopped mid-bite to tell me, "Mommy, there's not a snake under the table, you know. Because that would be hah-wih-bull! Because he would eat my pancakes and your pancakes and my syrwup and your syrwup!" Then she promptly went back to devouring her stack.

2. Back on the Fourth of July while we were watching the fireworks Violet says, "They're SO bootiful! But why there not a castle?" (Thanks, Disney.)

3. We were in the middle of putting on jammies, undies off, dress still on, when Violet said, "Daddy, you want to see THIS?" And spun around, held up her dress, and mooned him.

4. Since Violet can eat dairy now, she LOVES pizza but not the crust. After eating most of one piece, she handed the crust to her papa and said, "I don't like crust. Maybe I'll like it when I'm a daddy."

5. We were in the yard playing, and Kev was doing some yard work. He had a big pile of branches that he had clipped from our weeping cherry. Violet spied the pile and exclaimed, "A bean stockin'! But Daddy's not a giant?!"

6. On kissing: I don't want any princes to kiss me, because I don't like peach lips! (Violet and Lucy both have "wed" lips and I have pink lips)

7. I was trying to get the dishwasher loaded the other day, and Violet was pestering me to play with her. I finally said, "Sweetie, I need to get these dishes loaded so that we have something clean to eat off of, and we don't have a maid who will do it for us, do we?" She thought for a minute and replied, "No, because Daddy's at work!"


  1. Wow! To have a diary of the cute things she says......Priceless.

  2. These are so funny, kids say the best things! I bet you will be so glad you wrote so many down when she is older!

  3. I have to say, these are some of my favorite posts!!! Love her.



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