Lucy Vivian: Five Months Old


I can't believe it little girl - you are five months old! Nearly half a year has passed since I gave birth to my tiny little baby. Each day we wake up and I swear I can feel that you've grown since I last held you. You are such a special gift to our family - so full of smiles sweetness. I think you may be the definition of sugar and spice and everything nice :)

In fact, you've grown so much that we finally transitioned you to your crib at night time. You've been napping in there like a champ, but I was still holding on to having you next to me at night. Considering that you were taking up nearly the entire co-sleeper, I think it was time! You've done great and the video monitor that your Aunt Nikki, Uncle Dan, Nonny, and Poppy gave us as a gift this past Christmas has been a huge help to any separation anxiety your mama might be having. I love that when I wake up at night (as I often do) from some tiny sound, I can simply glance at the screen and see whether or not your are still asleep. At first you were doing really well and sleeping 'til about 5 or 5:30 AM for you mama, but lately you've been adding in one earlier waking as well. Luckily you nurse quickly and go right back to sleep, so I can't complain too much!

Nap time has gotten easier again. Most days you fall asleep in your Ergo carrier, and shortly after your sister and I gently place you in the crib, turn on your white noise (to block out those toddler squeals that inevitably pierce every corner of our house), and tiptoe out of your room for some big girl play time. You seem to be taking either a short morning and a long afternoon nap or three shorter naps these days. You've also started to go down earlier at bed time - between 7:30 and 8:30 (on a good night) instead of 8:30-9:30. Unlike your big sister you never nurse to sleep - you two are definitely very different babies. It's fun to learn all of your likes and dislikes, and just when I think I have them all figured out, something changes. I've learned from my experience with your sister to expect this, so it isn't quite as frustrating this time around. We just roll with the punches!

You're extremely interested in the world around you these days and don't want to miss a thing. Your favorite places to be are probably playing outside or on an outing, because there is so much to see beyond our four boring walls. You now love spending a lot of time on the floor and reach for your toys, which inevitably end up in your mouth. You love laying on your tummy, and are so strong! Push ups are the name of the game and you usually end up pushing yourself backward, so I have to keep a good eye on you! Luckily I have your sister to help me do just that - she loves to report on your activities. You love watching her and she can almost always get a smile from your pretty face, even when you're super fussy. It's so much fun to see your relationship with your sister grow.

We've packed away some of your baby things - your co-sleeper, swing, and play gym and traded them for the pack n play, a big play blanket, and the Bumbo. I think you'll be sitting on your own soon though - you can sit unassisted for a short time right now before you end up falling to one side or doing a face plant :) We also gave you your first tastes of cereal (you seem to like it!) and will probably soon have to dig out the high chair. So many changes as we transition from having a helpless tiny newborn to a big bouncy baby! All of this is speeding by so quickly, especially with having two to keep up with - I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Can't wait to see what next month brings. We love you so much our little Lucy! Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Violet


  1. What a beautiful baby! And look at that smile!

  2. What a beautiful baby! And look at that smile!

  3. Lucy, you are an awesome baby and so good for your mommy and daddy! Aunt Nikki loves you SOO much!!! I can't wait until I get to hold you again and smother you with hugs and kisses :) xoxo

  4. She's beautiful! The time goes so fast.

  5. What a gorgeous baby! I think I now have full blown baby fever :) P.S. where did you get that amazing rug in the photos? I am hugely crushing on it

  6. Nonny got to see your ultrasound pic this morning. My how you have changed. :) Your Mommy knows that I got a little freaked out when I saw it out of the blue thinking it was another baby. Ha! You are such a sweet little girl. Nonny loves.



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