Magnetic Haunted House DIY (Free Printable)


I came across printable magnet paper at Michael's the other day and knew I had to use it to make something fun for Violet. She loves playing with magnets - especially a princess/castle magnet scene that my sister gave to her as a gift. So with Halloween fast approaching, I set to work creating a "spooky" haunted house scene for her to play with. She requested a witch (so far that's what she wants to be for Halloween this year - like the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz. Thinking of making Lucy a munchkin maybe?) I probably had as much fun making it as she is having playing with it (which is a lot!)

She likes it so much I decided to post it as a free printable for you all as well. You can buy the magnet paper at Michael's, most office supply stores, and on Amazon. It takes a lot longer to print on than regular paper and smelled a little bit like burnt rubber while printing, but otherwise I didn't have any problems. The kind I bought only works with inkjet printers - not sure if there is any that works with laser printers or not. You can (obviously) play with it on anything magnetic - the fridge, a metal tray, white board or magnetic chalkboard.

If you don't want to buy the magnetic paper it could be printed on regular paper and played with that way as well, although something thicker like cardstock would probably be sturdier. And for more fun you could even color on it with markers! Stay tuned - I had so much fun I'll probably have another one for you next week (jack o'lantern decorating perhaps?) Hope your kids love it as much as mine does!

Happy Haunting! xo, Lauren


  1. This is too cute, and brilliant!

    Lydia N <3

  2. Really adorable - thanks for turning this into a printable!

  3. so clever! you are so talented, Lauren!

  4. Can you tell me how to print these? When I try to print (using CTRL+P), I get all the other things on the website page. Is there another way to print them? Thanks!

  5. I got it! Right clicked and downloaded the images to my computer, then printed. Nevermind!



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