Pretty Wooden Puzzles

Violet's really into puzzles lately, and she's actually really good at them! We get a lot of our cardboard versions at the Salvation Army - you can't beat the price and they count all of the pieces for you to make sure everything is there. But I can't help but keep my eye out for some pretty wooden puzzles when I'm trawling the depths of Pinterest, Etsy, and the like. Here are a few favorites I've come across lately:

GOLO wooden puzzle, hippo family puzzle ($22.22), elephant parade puzzle ($15), vintage owl puzzle ($40), safari jumble wooden puzzle ($34), moon phase puzzle ($28), boat puzzle ($24.99), puzzle people ($39), United States wooden puzzle ($69),

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  1. I LOVE the hippo puzzle!!

  2. loving the moon phase and united states puzzle quite a bit.



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