Violet's Favorite Apps

I've been trying to find fun apps for Violet to play with while I'm feeding Lucy, as she always seems to get really jealous while we're nursing. I've tried reading to her during that time, but Lucy is a very thrashy eater and I'm just not coordinated enough to manage it all without frying my last nerve. Luckily we've found a bunch that occupy her and make her feel like she's getting to do something special. Here are her faves:

Nosy Crow's Little Red Riding Hood:

We seriously both love this app - it's really interactive, a super cute take on the story (no one gets gobbled up), and my favorite part is that it's a choose your own adventure book as there are different paths you can choose for Red Riding Hood to follow.

The Three Little Pigs by the Nosy Crow:

This one isn't quite as interactive as Red Riding Hood, but Violet still loves it. For some reason we can't get the wolf to blow with our microphone - we have to press the button (maybe because we have an older iPad?) but otherwise this one is a ton of fun!

Nosy Crow's Cinderella:

Can you tell we love Nosy Crow? This one is very interactive as well - Cinderella asks you to help clean up the kitchen and get her stepsisters ready for the ball, and you can aid the fairy Godmother in finding items to transform so that Cinderella can attend as well. Violet acts like she is sooo tired after helping Cinderella clean up the kitchen - it's pretty hilarious!

Toca Boca Hair Salon 1 & 2:
Violet LOVES to cut, shave, comb, wash, curl, and blow dry the hair of all of the quirky characters in these apps. The second version has a lot more options, but she likes a lot of the fun characters (like the lion above) in the first one.

Foot Spa and Cupcakeroo:

Okay, kind of creepy, but Violet apparently loves to give pedicures. She washes the foot, rinses it, trims the toenails and cuticles, removes the old "toenolish", and of course paints the nails, and outfits them with sparkly gems and new shoes.

Cupcakeroo is basically virtual baking - you choose your recipe, mix up all of the ingredients, add icing and candles and all kind of goodies on top. And then of course you blow out the candles and eat the cake - yum!

Disney's Storytime App:

Love this - your child gets to choose books by character, and while at first I thought it would just be shortened versions of the movies, I found out that they are actually totally new stories with the characters your kid already loves. You get a few books for free and then can buy credits for your child to "purchase" new stories. The illustrations are very good (I'd expect nothing less from Disney), and your kid can choose to have the book read to them or to read it by him or her self, so I'd say that this one has some longevity.

So there you have it - if you need to entertain a toddler for oh, say 15-20 minutes I highly recommend all of these. Sorry, most are not free, but a few bucks (to me) is a small price to pay to not have a toddler crying and climbing on you while trying to feed a wiggle worm of a baby.

What are your favorite toddler/preschool age apps? I'm sure Violet will eventually tire of these, so I'm happy for any recommendations - thanks so much! xo, Lauren


  1. wow love these, we have some of them (three little pigs and toca boca apps) but the rest are new to me. I am glad they have more nosycrow apps

  2. I just downloaded the Little Red Riding Hood app for my 4 year old and he likes it, although he is a little scared of the big bad wolf. They are amazingly well done! I'll probably be getting the others, too. Thanks for the roundup! We also love Toca Boca apps in our house. We recently stumbled across the Stella and Sam apps (based on the books) and he's really loving those too. One of those most impressive and well liked app that we've tried is Endless Alphabet. Funny for the whole family and has actually taught my recently turned 2 year old all of the letters and some of their sounds. Highly recommended. It used to be free, but they recently started charging. Well worth it, IMO.



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