Creating a Cozy Space for Fall


Have I mentioned that Fall is one of my favorite seasons? It all just makes me want to curl up by a cozy fire and read a good book (perhaps whilst sipping hot apple cider?) While that's probably not going to happen with Violet and Lucy keeping me busy, but nonetheless I've been dreaming up a space that would be just right for my Fall fantasy (no, nothing to do with football!). Wouldn't this just make the perfect cozy space by a crackling fire? You can find sources for all of these items and more over at my ideabook on xo, Lauren

P.S. Don't forget to enter to win $100 to National Builder Supply!

P.P.S. My dream laundry room and a circus-inspired nursery.


  1. LOVING that cabinet! Was surprised to see it's from JC Penney. The contrast between stained wood and natural wood is so pretty. Love the log storage from Terrain too! Yep, this is a cozy room, alright.



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