Little Red

Costume one complete! Can't wait to get this pretty Little Red Riding Hood together with her big bad wolf :)  (Although the adorableness of that scenario may just be the death of me!) A big thank you to my mother-in-law for turning some random Salvation Army fabric into something beautiful for my little girl - amazing how a cape and a basket can transform a regular old outfit into a cute costume.

I'm so glad I made an executive decision on our costumes this year - Violet was changing her mind every hour and seemed generally really stressed out about the whole costume situation, so I decided to go with one of her first choices which was Little Red Riding Hood, and have Lucy be the wolf, myself as the Grandma, and Kev as the woodsman. At first I felt guilty that I was making the choice for her, but since I did that Violet has been so much more excited about dressing up and tells everyone about our family costumes :) And the best part is, after she explains what we're all going to be to someone, she always adds, "But Daddy won't actually kill baby Luce, because we love her! It's just pwetend." Glad you cleared that one up, kid. Lord, I love being a mama :) xo, Lauren


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