Fun Fall Idea: Make a Leaf Turkey

We've been collecting a lot of leaves on our walks lately - the colors are so beautiful right now, it's the perfect time to create a fun Fall craft. There are so many choices, from pressing leaves between wax paper to making a garland or a leaf crown. With Thanksgiving coming up, we decided to make a turkey!

You'll need a variety of leaves - colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as scissors, paper, a black marker, and glue. Use your longer leaves for the turkey's tail feathers. On top of those glue your largest leaves. Finally, create the turkey's body and head with smaller leaves. For the head and beak you may have to trim a couple of smaller leaves with your scissors. Lastly, use stems for the legs and feet and draw dots for eyes with your marker. Glue it all down and press with books so that your leaves don't curl up as they dry (be careful that no glue is sticking out, as you don't want to glue your project to your books!) And voila!

If your kiddo is too little for this version of a turkey, maybe try this idea instead - use leaves for the tail feathers only and pre-cut paper shapes for the body and head. Happy leaf hunting! xo, Lauren


  1. That so great and easy idea to do this thanksgiving.

  2. My child is going to love it as he is always looking for something funny that keep him busy all the day long. It is supposed to be the Most Outstanding Epic Gifs Ever for him to have fun with him.

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