Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Little Artist

After a lot of Etsy browsing, Pinterest perusing, and general internet trawling, we're kicking off our holiday gift guides today! I have a ton of fun ideas for your little ones coming up over the next couple of weeks, as well as some gift ideas for grown ups later on too. And to make things extra fun, I've got a slew of great giveaways straight from some of my favorite shops that are featured on the gift guides this year.

To start things off, here's one of my favorites (probably no surprise being that I am an art teacher by day) - gifts for your little artist! Of course you can't go wrong with tried and true Crayola products, but if you want something a little extra special for your little artist, this is the list for you:

Color-Me Elephant Mask ($8) | Gem Crayon ($7.99) | Dino Stamp Set ($24.95) | Solid Tape Set ($6.99) | Watercolor Paint Set ($29) | Color Me Elephant Cushion ($16.99) | Natural Finger Paint Set ($29.99) | Playon Crayon Set ($12.90) | Crazy Crayons ($3.99) | Finger Printing Bugs Set ($10.05) | Natural Beeswax Crayons ($11.66) | Colored Pencils ($7.99) | Stencil Set ($28)

Animal Crayons Set ($8.99) | Shark Pencil Pouch | Charley Harper Birds Painting Kit ($12.99) | Triangular Jumbo Crayons Set ($7.93) | Tabletop Chalkboard ($35) | Eco Modeling Dough ($18.28) | Funny Face Stamp Set ($20) | Whale Crayon and Pencil Holder ($19) | Reclaimed Branch Colored Pencils ($12) | Crayon Rocks Set ($29.95) |

Stay tuned for a fun giveaway later today, and more in the days to come! xo, Lauren


Wee Gallery

Graphic designer Surya Sajnani and teacher Dave Pinto are well-versed in visual stimuli. Wee Gallery creates bold, illustrative art, on mobiles, blankets, decals, and more - to awaken the imaginations of newborns, toddlers and kids. The secret ingredient to this creative prowess? Two pint-sized muses: Siddu and Anya.

In Surya's words "Wee Gallery makes clever things for babies and kids. From art cards and wall graphics which are designed to appeal to the visual strengths of babies, to activity sets for older kids, each of our products is designed to engage thoughtfully."

Sunday in Color

Sunday in Color is an online shop dedicated to colorful children decoration and toys. Find unique gifts for your little ones!

Romp features heirloom quality and unique children's toys. The e-boutique's founder, actress Kellie Martin, has curated a developmentally conscious selection with pieces encouraging creative and imaginative play. Perfect for the holidays when all the family is around and you can play together.


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