Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Musical Toys

I don't know about your kids, but mine love to make a racket :) You may want to buy yourself some earplugs if you go the musical toy route, but they're sure to entertain!

Confetti Recorder ($9.79) | Wooden Egg Shaker ($6.49) | Noisemaker ($6.99) | Wooden Bird Whistle ($5.50) | Tambourine Drum ($32) | Painted Animal Clapper ($20) | Magical Sound Flute ($13.29) | Wooden Slide Whistle ($3.95) | Train Whistle ($6) | Five-String Banjo ($84.99) | Mini Maracas Wooden Rattles Set ($40) | Double Maracas ($9.78) | Red Soprano Ukulele ($49) | Whistle ($9.95) | Kazoo ($3.95) | Melody Mix Toy ($105)

Bell Wristlet ($5.48) | Oval Xylophone ($17.67) | Eco Musical Instrument Set ($36) | Voice Recorder ($48) | Striped Bongo Drum ($60) | Band-in-a-Box ($25.69) | Meowsic Keyboard ($28.99) | Cork Drum ($86) | Big Sound Workshop ($36)

Don't forget to take advantage of the discount codes from these lovely shops and to enter our giveaways - one for the babe in your life and another to feather your little one's nest. And if you haven't seen enough musical toys here are my picks from last year.

2013 Holiday Gift Guides:


Bella Luna Toys

Bella Luna Toys has been offering families the highest quality wooden toysWaldorf dollsart supplies, and natural crafts online since 2001. Owner Sarah Baldwin is a former Waldorf teacher and author who chooses each item offered at Bella Luna Toys with care for its quality and play value.

Waldorf toys are designed to nourish a young child's senses and to inspire imaginative and creative play and are constructed from all-natural materials like wood, cotton, and wool. You will find nothing plastic or battery-operated at Bella Luna Toys!

Little Choux

Little Choux is an online boutique offering a handpicked assortment of children's toys, decor and gear. Pronounced "shoo", the name is a French term of endearment meaning "little darlings".  Our products are hand picked from designer collections all over the world.  We delight in finding designs that are unique, beautifully made and functional that can be enjoyed by our own children as well as yours.


  1. Thanks for this, I really appreciate what you have done here. Keep it up, and I will be back for more.

    Great Gifts For Musicians

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  3. Music from hot country singers is like the shorthand of emotion. It can easily express those feelings which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

  4. Thanks for this post, very good to know, especially for first time moms.



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