Wooden Puzzle Maps

I came across this wooden puzzle map of the U.S. at The Land of Nod and I was seriously in love, but not with the price tag ($69). Since Violet's really into puzzles, and this would be a great way to help her understand where she lives in the world, I decided to look around and see if I could find something similar for less money, and I did. Turns out Etsy has a lot of great options, some higher and some lower in price. They would all make awesome gifts...

1. This lovely wooden puzzle is handmade made out of long leaf pine AND it's magnetic ($110)

2. Love the colors on this vintage number, but it's missing a couple of states ($35)

3. This one is kind of "flash card" style, with the state names underneath the pieces - great for quizzing your older kids when they're learning their geography. ($50)

4. This is very pretty with the major rivers and lakes added, and is a little less pricey at $48.

5. Love that this guy has engraved state names above and their capitals below, plus the wooden pegs would be nice for those little fingers.

So what do you think - which would you choose? xo, Lauren


  1. I LOVE the vintage one best and the price is great! I have an idea for an easy fix. Maybe use some of that lightweight modeling clay and press it into the space, wait for it to dry, then paint the pieces with craft paint to match. Not perfect puzzle pieces but I bet they would do the trick and Violet wouldn't know the difference.

    Have you seen the US map blocks from Anthro? It's not exactly a puzzle, and more expensive, but it would make a great DIY! http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-plushtoys/30012645.jsp?cm_sp=Grid-_-30012645-_-Regular_14

    Love all the puzzles you found!

  2. How timely! I just bought this one for my kids (2 and 5-yo) and they love it!
    We have the world map too. Very cute and fun!



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