Milestone Month + Holiday Bucket List


Can't believe how fast my little sweetie pie is growing. Just over seven months and she's suddenly sitting on her own, crawling, trying to pull herself up, and getting teeth! Such a big month - our whole world has changed it seems overnight. Baby proofing is in full swing and Violet is desperately trying to keep her most precious toys out of Lucy's chubby little hands :) I'm now busy chasing after this little girl all day long - she even managed to break her first ornament already! So needless to say I'm super behind on just about everything and didn't even take her seven month photos yet (and we're at about 7.5 months here - oops!)

Although things are speeding up on the baby front, I'm trying to slow down and enjoy the holiday season. I can't believe we're in December already!  I took a minute the other day and wrote down a to-do list so that I make sure to get the really important things accomplished this Christmas season. Here's our Christmas bucket list:

1. Dance to copious amounts of Christmas music.
2. Watch the classics - we've already done Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, Rudolph, and Frosty, so that leaves How the Grinch Stole Christmas, White Christmas, and It's a Wonderful Life. (remind me if I'm forgetting an important one please! Mom brain means forgetting lots of things)
3. Take Violet to her first movie theater movie - we're thinking Frozen (reviews?)
4. Make a gingerbread house
5. Make and eat LOTS of Christmas cookies
6. Go to see Santa's "wane deer" and Christmas lights
7. Visit the big guy
8. Make a hand wreath for Lucy
9. Make ornaments with Violet
10. Go hunting for and decorate the tree
11.  Buy and donate toys to Toys for Tots
12. Go to see The Nutcracker
13. Make hot chocolate with marshmallows
14. See a nativity play or live nativity
15. Put out milk and carrots for Santa and his reindeer

I also have to mention that I am completely obsessed with a few things that this little lady is wearing in the above photos - Toto Knits sent us this gorgeous warm sweater and we wear it ALL of the time. Can babies have a Fall/Winter uniform? Because if so this is hers. The tights are from Mini Boden - love, love, love their tights so much.The pretty headband is from Amanda from Oh My Little Dears - she makes the most adorable felt baby headbands and hair clips! Violet got a couple as well and she wears them 24/7 (yes, even to bed).

So what's on your Christmas bucket list? I'm so excited to work on ours. I love being a mama - doesn't it make the holidays so much more magical. Happy December! xo, Lauren


  1. This list looks a lot like ours right now. We have been trying to make sure to have as much family time together enjoy the season as possible this year.

  2. the girls look so sweet in their headbands!!!! xo



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