Violet Says Vol. 10

1. Me: What are you doing in the bushes sweetie?
V: I'm looking for a secwet gahden mama!

2. Getting dressed in the morning...
Me: How about this outfit sweetie?
V:'s not what I was spectin' mama.

3. What is that evil smell???!!!

4. Playing princesses with her papa...
"Daddy, these pwincesses are sistuhs. They have to stand heeyah. Don't faht on them!"

5. Mommy, you have a  big bottom. But Daddy has an even bigger bottom than you do.

6. "Mommmyyyyy! I wanted you to sit WIGHT NEXT to me!"
*I move closer*
 "Not TOO close!"
*I move away*

7. Kevin: "I'm going to eat you up!" (proceeds to munch on belly)
V: No, not my belly button Daddy! Because then I won't have a belly button and all my food will fall out on the flowuh!"

8. Holds out two necklaces. Thinks for a minute. Hides one behind her back. Asks sweetly: "Which one do you want, Mama?"

9. Playing dollhouse...
Violet has her doll call to its dog: "C'mon boy!" Then adds a side note to me: "But he's actually a girwl"

10. At a birthday party...
V: Can I have more candy mama?
Me: Sure sweetie, one more piece.
V: Why?!

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P.P.S. Announcing the winner of the Sucre giveaway later today - stay tuned!


  1. Bahahaha! I still smell you! That's terrible but hilarious at the same time! I loove these posts - more more more!

  2. These are fantastic. What a smart, sassy girl!



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