5 of My Favorite Cribs Under $200

When we put Violet's nursery together, we were on a shoestring budget, especially when it came to home decorating. But that doesn't mean that you can't have a stylish nursery. I did a lot of shopping around, made use of hand-me-downs and yard sale finds, and did a few DIY projects in order to decorate the space within our means. Sometimes I feel like I see all of these gorgeous modern cribs in my favorite nurseries, and their price tag is like a mortgage payment. If it's doable for your family financially, I say go for it, splurge on the crib of your dreams! But if not, don't despair - these five cribs are all under $200, look great, and will be perfectly lovely for your little guy or gal:

1. The Classic Jenny Lind - This one is definitely a favorite for me (obviously since it's the one I chose for my girls' nursery!) - I love the classic look and its versatility. The Jenny Lind will look at home in most any space - whether the style is modern, eclectic, classic, or vintage, the Jenny Lind is kind of a chameleon that can hang with most any look. At $159, it's a little more expensive than the one we purchased (it was made by Delta and we paid $103), but that one doesn't seem to be on the market any longer.

2. The IKEA SNIGLAR - Clean lines, warm wood tones - simplicity at its best. This is my favorite crib from IKEA, and at a price tag of $69.99 it really can't be beat.

3. The Baby Mod Modena - This is another crib that would work well in a lot of different nurseries - modern, woodsy/rustic, or even traditional. It comes in a variety of colors and sneaks in just under the $200 mark at $199.98.

4. The IKEA SUNDVIK - At $119 this is a little pricier than the SNIGLAR, but it comes in gray-brown, white, and black-brown, so if you're looking for a non-wood toned option, this is a great bargain.

5. The IKEA GULLIVER - The most expensive of the IKEA cribs, this one is $129, which is still one of the best looking and most inexpensive cribs out there - really IKEA gives you, as always, a lot of bang for your buck. It is available in both white and birch.

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  1. Maybe not as fashion forward, but we've been very happy with the Graco Lauren classics (in natural) we got for our twins. They were just over $100 each.

    1. Actually that is one of the cribs we considered for Violet's nursery - totally forgot about it! Thanks Kate :)

  2. We got the Jenny Lind cribs for our twins and painted them turquoise! We love them. Definitely a conversation piece when guests are at our house.

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  4. So helpful! I'm having a little boy in June (our first kiddo) and it's crazy how expensive baby furniture can be...this is a very helpful list of pretty cribs!

  5. We have the number one option and absolutely love it! Great list you put together!

  6. love this! we went with the white jenny lind for both of our boys, and you just can't beat them. classic and affordable :)



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