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Looks like I'm not the only mom dealing with mom guilt, sleep issues, and those oh-so-adorable but manipulative creatures that they call three-year-olds. Who knew?

I feel like I could've written this post myself - I'm not a shopaholic by any means, but I've been struggling to curb my spending habits and live within our means as much as possible while I'm off work this year with my babes. Going from being a two income to a one income family is no joke.

Looooved reading Em Henderson's birth story - she's always so candid and real.

I so frequently find myself telling Violet that's she's beautiful (because she is - both inside and out). I also tell her she's smart, funny, cute, thoughtful, a hard worker, a good listener, and a wonderful sister, but not as often as I tell her that she's beautiful. This post made me really think about the words I use with her and how that may affect her perception of what's most important.

This is exactly why I hate shopping at places like Toys R Us, and yes, even Target for toys. Why are the aisles all so segregated by gender? My kid loves princesses to be sure, but she also loves playing ninja, barn, shooting her bow and arrows, building with Legos and blocks, and doing science experiments. My nephew loves his action figures and play kitchen equally. And seriously, quit it with the color thing already! My daughter's favorite color was blue until someone told her it was a "boy color". If I ever find out who that person was they'll get a piece of my mind, that's for sure.

"I hear ya. I feel ya. I know."


  1. I loved all of these links! I have two daughters and work really hard on not just focusing on their physical attractiveness. However, my older daughter is not mine biologically and doesn't look at all like the rest of the family (she's mixed race, so she doesn't look too much like either of her biological parents either). I struggle with working to show her that her brown skin and curly hair are beautiful, without that being the only thing I praise. It's tough to find that balance!

    1. I agree it's all about balance! I certainly want my daughter to feel beautiful just the way she is but definitely don't want her to think that that's the only thing that is important. :)

  2. thank you for feelin' me girl. xo

  3. That picture cracks me up! Such a great shot of your girls.



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