Violet & Lucy's Birthday


We celebrated the girls' first and fourth birthdays this past weekend - with Lucy's birthday being in April and Violet's being in May it just made sense to celebrate their birthdays together. When they get a little older, they can each have their own little party with friends, but for now one party is perfect. When I asked Violet what kind of birthday party she wanted this year, the only information I could get out of her was that she wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing with her name on it in chocolate and that Lucy should have a pink cake. She also requested pin the tail on the donkey. I was completely expecting her to ask for a princess party, Dora party, or Hello Kitty party, and I even suggested those things to her, but she was set on her chocolate cake.

So with those simple requests, I decided to use a lot of party supplies that we already had stored from previous years to save a little money. We reused our DIY fringe banner, "YAY" plates, cupcake toppers, and honeycomb decorations and bought just a few new things. I love Joy's new line of party decor for Targett, so we picked up a few plates and napkins, ordered some fun tasseled balloons and mini balloons from Shop Sweet Lulu, and bought some gold foil balloons and cupcake wrappers. I made a scalloped table cover out of brown kraft paper from our Christmas wrapping and used some leftover gold paper to make a "Happy Birthday" sign on the wall inspired by Angela's. I baked all of the cakes myself, and they're certainly no professional job by any means, but Violet was happy with them. She loved all of the fun, bright colors but was mostly thrilled with the candy. She definitely made up for being sick on Easter, that's for sure! Here are a few pics from my trusty iPhone:

A Lovely Lark Violet and Lucy's Birthday Party
Happy birthday to my dear, sweet little girls! xo, Lauren


  1. What a sweet, yet simple party. Love the scalloped kraft paper!

  2. what a beautiful birthday spread. i love the colors and decor!

  3. Happy Birthday to your girls!!! Love the look of your party. I think if I can recreate something even half as charming for my girls' party this weekend (they turn 1 and 6) that I'll be golden. Great job!

  4. Love what you did, the colors and everything :)

  5. Lovely! One party is certainly easier + you can make it all the more fabulous! ;)

  6. I can't believe you made the gold happy birthday sign. I thought you bought it!!! I knew I hadn't seen it before. You and the hubby did a great job. Love you all.

  7. There is a full bar close to the entrance area, so we were covered there too. Dessert was a presentation of cookies (all looked homemade) and my favorite was the white chocolate, macadamia nut.



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