9 of the Cutest Moon Prints + Posters

I don't know what it is about the moon, but Violet has been in love with it since she was a wee babe. Maybe it's that it is the brightest thing in the sky at night, and the girl loves her light :) At the moment we have two night lights going strong in her room in addition to leaving the hall light on for her. Whatever the reason, I think the moon makes a perfect addition to most any little one's space. Here are nine of my favorite prints featuring that big glowing ball in the night sky:

1. Goodnight Moon
2. I Love You to the Moon & Back
3. I Love You to the Moon & Back
4. La Lune
5. Moon Man
6. The Moon
7. Moon Phases
8. Moon Banner
9. Full Moon


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  2. I love these selections! I'm especially partial to #5.

    I found the BEST moon print for my son's room on Etsy (A little lark). It's screen printed with shiny silver ink. https://www.etsy.com/listing/163205060/2014-moon-phases-calendar-22x30-large

    You can see it in my son's room here. http://www.lexandliv.com/2014/05/you-may-remember-that-i-was-debating.html



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