My Favorite Sources for Cute + Classic Jammies

For the first time in forever (scary that I can't say that any more without singing it!), I put pants and long sleeves on the girls at bedtime the other night, and found that they've both grown like crazy over the summer!  I'm thinking it's time for some new jammies. (I only wish I could update my wardrobe every season! My "pajamas" mainly consist of Kevin's t-shirts lol) These pretty pajamas from Skylar Luna are some of my favorites - they're cute, comfortable, and classic:

And here are a few of my other places to get cute sleepwear for the girls:

1. Old Navy | Gap
2. Crew Cuts (a little too pricey for us, but cute nonetheless!)
3. Hatley
4. Carter's (adorable and super affordable, especially during sales!)
5. The Children's Place (love their prices!)
6. New Jammies (love that I can use my Amazon Prime shipping)

We shop sales and choose the more inexpensive options for our every day pajamas, of course, but if it's for a special occasion where I'm going to be taking a lot of pictures (AKA Christmas morning), I'll sometimes splurge on a special pair :) And I won't lie - Violet definitely has her share of Disney princesses, Dora, and Hello Kitty pi's as well! Now if only I could find more sources for the super warm fleece winter pajamas, I'd be set. Violet's room is super drafty (old house = no insulation) and she never keeps her covers on. Gap's are great - so warm and soft, but also so pricey. I always have to wait for a really good sale and then I buy them up.  And there are a ton of super warm footy pajama options out there, but they are not so great for a kid who is still learning to use the potty by herself at night. Any tips for that would be greatly appreciated! xo, Lauren

Photos from Our Time with Our Australian Family

My sister and her family recently visited us from Australia for a few weeks (hence my lack of blogging - I was too busy squeezing my nephew!), and she recently sent over some photos that she took during the trip. Here are a few of my favorites:

A-Lovely-Lark-Family-Visit Violet was immediately smitten with her cousin - they've met twice since he's been born and have interacted a lot on Skype (thank goodness for technology!) She was all about smothering him with snuggles, cuddles, and hugs :) He wasn't so sure about all of that cuddliness, but dealt with it pretty well I think! Lucy greatly appreciated the break from Violet's constant hugs and kisses at any rate :)

Now they're back safe and sound in Australia and we're missing them terribly. And I still can't believe that I'm going to have a second nephew come December that I won't get to squeeze in person until they visit again! If only someone would invent teleportation (or make the airfare from east coast U.S. to Australia about a thousand times cheaper!) I'm just thankful we live in the age of technology - I don't know how anyone was able to be this far away from close family before the advent of video chatting, Facebook, and Instagram. Does anyone else have a niece or nephew that you haven't been able to meet in person? How do you deal?!

P.S. Aren't her photos so gorgeous! It makes me long for a real camera instead of my iPhone. Alas, also not in the budget! 

Art for the Nursery: Which Would You Choose?

I'm trying to decide on a print for Lucy's nursery to go on the wooden shelf above her bookcase, but I just simply can't choose between the two of these from The Animal Print Shop. That little fox is just too handsome, and the deer is so, so sweet. Which would you choose?

(On the other hand, I suppose I could use the "Love" artwork from Violet's original nursery? It is currently homeless, as it doesn't really fit in her new space. Plus - "free!")

An Update on Lucy's Nursery


One thing I get a lot of questions about is Lucy's nursery. I know I've never really done a "reveal" because it's really still not finished - for a lot of reasons. Namely budget (being off work without pay for over a year makes you pinch your pennies for sure) and time (with Lucy down to one nap and Violet not napping at all, plus freelancing for a bunch of different sites and a local magazine, plus finding time for friends and family = not much time to fiddle around with home decor) So anyway, here is an update for you, and really there are just a few little things that I need to do to finish off this space.

The main area that needs work is this little corner. You can still see the painter's tape on the shelf that Kev made, the curtains need to be hemmed, I'm trying to decide if I want to hang a tassel garland above the bookshelf or put a few globes that I've collected on top of it, and I need at least one more piece of artwork for the wooden shelf (thinking of a cutie from The Animal Print Shop).  The crib still doesn't quite feel "finished". We didn't use a bumper with Lucy like we did with Violet, and the all-white crib bedding just isn't quite doing it for me. Some fun patterned sheets or a new crib skirt could make it look a little more put-together. In my dream world I'd get a new glider as well - ours is fine and you can't beat the $5 yard sale price tag, but beige isn't really my jam. Overall though, the space is functional and I love the bright, colorful, happy vibe that's going on in the space. I think it's very "Lucy"!

Camp Kid


I don't know what it is, but there's something about a camp theme for a kid's room that feels oh, so right. Maybe it's the warm textures and rustic accents or perhaps the feelings and memories it brings up - warming your toes by the campfire, feeling the wind in your hair as you row across the lake in a canoe, or smelling the sweet smell of dew in the morning, but it's one of my favorites for sure. You can check out my favorite pieces to pull together a modern camp-themed space over on my latest article for

P.S. The gold ceiling fixture is a DIY project found here, and the "Be Brave and Courageous" print is another DIY By Joni of Lay Baby Lay!

Family Room Update


We formerly had a pretty decent little art wall in this little section of the family room. That is, until I stole most of it to fill up this corner. As a result, this part of our room has been looking pretty forlorn the past few months. It's not that I didn't have any artwork - it was mainly just finding the time to hang it. So when Apartment Therapy asked me to fill up a wall in my living room with art, I seized the opportunity. To see the before and after, find sources for the artwork, and watch a fun little animated GIF of the process (created with my trusty iPhone, the girls' play kitchen, and a C-clamp due to my current lack of camera), head on over to Apartment Therapy.

And for those who may be curious, here are the sources for the other items in the space:

Wood Floors (Finally!)


Ah I love me some wood floors in a kitchen! This shot is extra colorful thanks to the billions of tomatoes and giant squash that are currently overflowing from Kevin's garden. Too bad I don't have access to those all year round - they make for a pretty picture and yummy pasta :) And sorry for the teaser post earlier this week - I totally meant to get a final shot, but with these two monkeys around, it can be easier said than done!

And kitchen sources for anyone who may be interested:

Source List:

Kitchen Update: We Have Wood Floors!

Other than enjoying summer, we've been working hard on a few projects around the house. We'd still like to find something a little bit bigger, so we'd like to get the house on the market sometime in the  next few months. It's definitely difficult to find the time with two kids, grad classes, writing, and generally enjoying life, so the progress is slow but we're getting there. Finishing the kitchen is one of the biggest things on our list - we hear all of the time (thanks HGTV) that kitchens are key to selling a home.

The last time that you saw the kitchen, it looked a little something like this:

We had painted the upper cabinets, door and walls, freshened up the decor, and added some shiny new schoolhouse pendants. The plan is to add new cabinet hardware, paint the lowers, install wood flooring, add butcher block counters, add one of IKEA's farmhouse sinks (which is currently on backorder and may never come back in stock in North America due to a manufacturing issue...*wah wah* Anyway, that's another story for another time...unless you have an IKEA DOMSJO single bowl sink that you don't mind parting with!), and a install a new faucet.

In these photos I know that the floor doesn't look too terrible, but in real life the white laminate was absolutely impossible to keep clean. I tried scrubbing it with every floor cleaner imaginable, using Soft Scrub on it, Magic Erasers - you name it, I probably tried it. Plus it was ripped up in a couple of spots from an incident that occurred when moving the fridge. When we installed wood flooring in the rest of the house we had purchased enough for the kitchen as well, but were dragging our feet on putting it in because we were worried about how big of a job it might be. The kitchen had a billion layers of floor and subfloor, plus we thought that the bottom layer might be asbestos tile, which we did not want to disturb. After a lot of deliberation, we successfully glued wood flooring on top of the asbestos tile in our bedroom, so we decided to go the same route with the kitchen.

I took the kids to my parents for an overnight stay while Kevin and his dad went crazy ripping up the existing flooring. It looked a little something like this:

Pretty, no? Until they got down to the lovely bottom layer:

They only did half of the floor at first because we had no where else to put the dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator. After finishing that half of the room, the kitchen looked a little something like this:

The flooring is now finished, but I have yet to snap a decent photo of it! I'm going to try to take on today and share it with you tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we have a nice sunny day for my trusty iPhone to work its magic lol! (What I wouldn't give for a new camera!) xo, Lauren

Life Love Lately

I know I've been missing a bit lately. I'm hoping to be back on a more regular schedule soon, but in the meantime here's what we've been up to lately...

waiting ooooh so patiently at the driver's license center with those big beautiful lashes

playing in muddy puddles

discovering nature

savoring the sweet things in life

spending time with my love <3

bare feet, jammies on, catching fireflies on a warm summer night

xo, Lauren

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