An Update on Lucy's Nursery


One thing I get a lot of questions about is Lucy's nursery. I know I've never really done a "reveal" because it's really still not finished - for a lot of reasons. Namely budget (being off work without pay for over a year makes you pinch your pennies for sure) and time (with Lucy down to one nap and Violet not napping at all, plus freelancing for a bunch of different sites and a local magazine, plus finding time for friends and family = not much time to fiddle around with home decor) So anyway, here is an update for you, and really there are just a few little things that I need to do to finish off this space.

The main area that needs work is this little corner. You can still see the painter's tape on the shelf that Kev made, the curtains need to be hemmed, I'm trying to decide if I want to hang a tassel garland above the bookshelf or put a few globes that I've collected on top of it, and I need at least one more piece of artwork for the wooden shelf (thinking of a cutie from The Animal Print Shop).  The crib still doesn't quite feel "finished". We didn't use a bumper with Lucy like we did with Violet, and the all-white crib bedding just isn't quite doing it for me. Some fun patterned sheets or a new crib skirt could make it look a little more put-together. In my dream world I'd get a new glider as well - ours is fine and you can't beat the $5 yard sale price tag, but beige isn't really my jam. Overall though, the space is functional and I love the bright, colorful, happy vibe that's going on in the space. I think it's very "Lucy"!


  1. Love it! I think a tassel or pom pom garland would help finish that area off wonderfully. You've done an awesome job!

  2. Such a sweet little room! I'm wondering whether you could share the source for the "ship" artwork on the shelf? Is that wrapping paper or fabric? I love it!

    1. Hi Corey! It's actually a poster from a shop called Fine Little Day:



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