Toys, Toys, Toys!


I normally do a lot of my Christmas shopping on Zulily (one of my fave discount shopping sites) in October and November, because that's when they seem to have their best selection of toys, but we have a ton of birthdays coming up in the family and I've been hanging out on there a lot lately. Just wanted to pop in to send out a PSA that there is a lot of cute stuff on there right now, although you have to hunt a bit more than you do when it's closer to Christmas. Here are my current favorite toys:

Wooden Fruit Set
Jump Rope
Wooden Play Kitchen Set
Wooden Veggie Set
Paint-Your-Own-Train Set
Giant Wooden Xylophone
Chevron Ukelele
Striped Ukelele

xx, Lauren


  1. Those guitars are so cute. My 3-year old loves her current guitar, but it's on its last leg I'm afraid!



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