Favorite Parenting Links Lately


1. What kids around the world eat for breakfast from the NY times is sooo interesting!

2. We're not positive that we're finished having children yet, but since we're currently leaning toward stopping at two, I'm totally feeling this article. 

3. What French kids eat for school lunch - as a teacher I SO wish this is what American school lunches looked like!!! I'm not sure if the particular school featured is typical of France, but the lunches and the way in which they are served are certainly quite amazing.

4. He's not scary, he's a little boy. I love how this article helps to encourage parents to go beyond telling their children that stares and unkind words are "not nice", but additionally to teach your child to meet and interact with other people who might be different from them.

5. Even if we choose not to have any more kids, I sooo hope this happens!!!


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