Tonight I found myself reading back through past posts, reminiscing about Christmases past and dreaming of those yet to come. It's hard to describe what it's like to see your child's eyes light up at the first snow of the season, or how you can almost physically see their little hearts skip a beat at the mention of Santa. I'm so thankful for my girls and how much joy they've brought into our lives. I'm reminded of this during the holidays most of all - everything just seems more magical, fresh, new again. Here are a few of my absolute favorite photos from years past (really I wanted to post about a hundred more!)

Lucy's first snow:

A visit with the big guy:

A very merry Christmas:

'Tis the season:

Can't. wait.


  1. Love Love Love

    Nonny :)

  2. I have admired your incredible sense for aesthetics for many years now and absolutely loved this post. It's wonderful to reflect back on the past years; it's easy to see how magical you have made childhood for your beautiful daughters. I wish you and your family very happy holidays this 2014 season!



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