Christmas Gift Guide 2015


I don't have time in my life at the moment to create oodles of gift guides, but here are a few things that are currently at the top of my list for the kids this year:

Farmington Dollhouse
Beeswax Crayons
The 50 States Book
Home Book
KidKraft Lemonade Stand Set
Potholder Loom
Cubic Dollhouse
Keith Haring Paint Set
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book
Maps Book
Fawn Doll
Bead Kit
My First Loom

Violet's really into crafty stuff at the moment, and the girls (and I) are obsessed with dollhouses. They really don't need another dollhouse, so I probably won't get either of them, but I'm dying over these two. and Violet loves the Maps and Home books, so I'm hoping she'll like The 50 States just as much! Lucy's also getting a ton of Dora books (it's all she wants to read!) and a used train table off of Craigslist, and Violet wants a Barbie house (if you know of any non-hideous Barbie houses PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!!) xo, Lauren

Christmas Cards, Here We Come!

Between being extra excited about the holidays this year and begin thrilled with the photos that we miraculously managed to get, I am on my game this year when it comes to Christmas cards! Last year our photos kept getting canceled and rescheduled due to the weather, so we didn't manage to get our cards sent out until New Year's Day rolled around! I've been trolling my favorite site for Christmas cards, Minted, and here are a few of my current faves:

Simple + Sweet:

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5

Shiny + Sparkly:

1. 2. 3. 4

Pictures, pictures, pictures:

1 . 2

And since I'm (for once!) ordering early this year, I am super excited to take advantage of the Black Friday sale - 20% off orders of $150+ or 15% off with no minimum order! Just use code BF2015. Now the hard part - decision making! Which is your favorite? xo, Lauren

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Family Photos Fall 2015

Hi all! Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their holiday season! I'm so excited about the holidays this year, and I'll share why soon - we have a big announcement to make!

In the meantime though, I'll tide you over with a few family photos that a friend recently took for us. I have to keep it real and say that the girls were completely uncooperative for most of the photos. They're such hams when I'm snapping photos of them with my phone, but as soon as I ask someone to take photos with a real camera so that I can actually be IN a few with my family, they tend to get shy and put on their grumpy faces :) So I was completely thrilled to find that she managed to get a few really great shots of our crazy little clan. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo, Lauren

Christmas Finds!

I'm super excited - I found some great Christmas gifts for the girls on Zulily today! Land of Nod, Hape Toys, and Kid Kraft! If you're shopping for your little ones you can find the sales here. xo, Lauren

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