Easter Beauties

These two beauties were super excited when their Easter dresses arrived in the mail yesterday from Janie & Jack! When I got home from work I brought in their new dresses, not knowing that they had a few treasures ready to share with me! Lucy was "super duper" (her new catch phrase) proud of her Easter craft that she had made at her sitter's, and they had both been busy gathering a bouquet of "flowers" for me from the garden - roots and dirt still intact. They, of course, wanted to get dressed up right away, and it took all of our powers of persuasion to convince them that no, they could not wear them on our walk (considering that it was still long pants and jacket weather!) So they settled for wearing them around the house for now. Here's hoping that the weather is nicer on Sunday or we'll have to break out the tights and sweaters!

I love Janie & Jack's classic styles, especially for special occasions, so I was "super duper" excited when they offered to send over these gorgeous Easter dresses and bows for the girls. Here's what I chose:

Violet's dress, Violet's bow
Lucy's dress, Lucy's bow

I had a tough time deciding though - everything was so cute! What would you have chosen for your little ones? Hope everyone has a lovely Easter! xo, Lauren


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