The Cutest Ceramics You Ever Did See...


So, seriously, are these not the most adorable little pots that you ever did see!? I came across them on Etsy and almost died from the cuteness. Minky Moo Ceramics, you had me at hello. That is all. xx, Lauren

On Beekeeping


Had you asked me a couple of years ago about beekeeping, you wouldn't have gotten much more out of me than a blank stare. But around that time, Kevin confessed to me that he was thinking about taking up the hobby. At first I seriously thought he was kind of crazy. Neither of us knew much of anything about beekeeping, and we didn't personally know anyone who kept bees who could guide us. But in spite of my reaction, Kev moved forward and started educating himself. He read books, he took online classes, became a member of our state beekeepers'  association, and even convinced me to go along to his first workshop with him. He's since taken more classes, set up his first hive, and I'm very proud to report that it has made it through its first year and is thriving.

He's talked me into doing things like holding a frame teeming with bees (quite a feat considering I've never even been stung by a bee in my life and would very much like to keep it that way), becoming a member of PENNAPIC, and even allowing Violet to visit his hive. We just finished setting up his second hive (I as the photographer/assistant and he as the guy that did all of the real work), and I can even say that I am really starting to enjoy the whole adventure. It's an incredible feeling to be out in nature, watching these amazing creatures go about their very important work, and feeling like we're making a difference in some small way. Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll decide to try my hand at being a real beekeeper as well instead of just a beekeeper's assistant!

We're hoping to get our first batch of raw honey this year and I'm excited to taste our very own honey! Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be more posts about our beekeeping adventure! xo, Lauren

Our Kitchen in HGTV Magazine!

I'm super excited to see the kitchen from our first house in the May edition of HGTV Magazine! They contacted me months ago, and I just went to the bookstore and bought up a bunch of copies. It's included in the Wow! What color is that? feature, right next to the entryway of a couple of my fave bloggers - John and Sherry of Young House Love. Thanks so much HGTV Magazine - you made my day! :) xo, Lauren


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